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Horse Tail Hair : Horse tail hair can be divided into black, white, grey, mixed and brown according to natural colors. It can be divided into natural horse tail hair, dyed horse tail hair, washed horse tail hair according to ways of process. Horse tail hair can be divided into 11 sizes according to length.
Other dressed horse hair :Besides full size of horse tail hair, we also supply dressed horse mane hair, horse body hair, horse root tail hair, horse leg hair, etc. Detail information, please refer to list below.
Various animal fine hair :We process and supply various animal fine hair, such as yellow weasel tail hair, raccoon hair, bagder hair, mainly used for cosmetics.
Horse tail hair fabric, for lining cloth : Non-shrinking, good at flexibility, softness and stiffness. Ideal good quality lining cloth for making top grade clothing. Clothes made with horse tail hair lining cloth are stiff, beautiful, durable and lasting in keeping shape.
Horse tail hair cloth for industrial use : Widely used in manufacturing back covers and seat covers for top grade sofa and cars, superior handbags and all sorts of cases and bags. It looks beautiful and it is smooth, stiff, ventilate. It also has the characteristics of wash-resisting and wear-resisting. The longer it is used, the brighter it shines.
Goat hair :We offer various goat hair. Goat hair is mainly used as writing brush material, also for other uses. We process goat hair of different color and quality for your choice.
Bristles :We offer various bristle products. Bristles are mainly used for brush making.Bristles can be divided into black bristle, white bristle and mixed bristle according to colors.
Horse tail hair yarn and other animal hair yarn :Horse tail hair yarn is mainly used in making of horse tail hair cloth.